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We have always focused on product quality and continuous research in technological innovation. The close relationship and constant dialogue with the owner allows us to create custom solutions that meet his specific needs. The technological solutions allow us to plan the positioning of each single fiber on the sail. The in-house rolling mill for boats up to 60 feet allows us to control the entire production process. 3FL saildesign uses software such as SMAR-Azure and Prosail, which allow a complete design of the sail, from shape to grain, and structural and aerodynamic analyzes. For the gluing of our sails we use Q-Bond and ultrabond systems with glue or ultrasonic gluing that allow us to create sails for sailing dinghies up to maxi yachts. The precision of our sails is guaranteed by the use of an advanced laser plotter and a rolling mill on site thanks to which we can produce sails with oriented fibers.

Main benefits

  • Fully integrated design, fibre layout and meshing resolve any flaws occurring in the migration of data from one design system to another.
  • The comparison between principal stress directions and intensities calculated with alternative fibre types, allows the selection of the optimal fibre layout.
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